Monday, 24 July 2017

WHAFF Rewards

WHAFF Rewards

Download, Keep, Play, and Run them to build up extra rewards and request payout when you have minimum amount built up! You can redeem your rewards with real cash or cool gift cards online!. Choose the ones you like and try them out! We’ll actually give you real cash, real money, real rewards for your actions!

Enjoy the highest payout and rewards now.

Download WHAFF Rewards for Android and sign up.
Using my invitation code HU51065  during registration .We both will get $0.30USD~ 

2.)Start earning money.
-Simply Download an app to get Installation Bonus!

-Keep the apps on your device for extra Rewards!
-Run and Play the apps for more Points!
-Get Extra Bonus for completing your tasks (for some)!

Reedem Gift Cards or Cash
-Xbox live Gift Card
-PS store Gift Card
-Amazon Gift Card
-Google Play Gift Card
-Steam Gift Card
-Facebook Gift Card
Paypal (MIN 11.50$ USD)

The Best Andriod APP for earning money(Android only,Singapore,Recommend!)
      ^^^^^click and read^^^^^

(copy from getjar)

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